FF005 Celeste vs Andrea

Duration: 25 min (15 min topless)
Price: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
Content: topless, staredown, breast slapping, bearhug, hair pulling, belly punching

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Warming up the atmosphere

After stretching their muscles, the fighters meet in the middle of the room for a super intense staredown getting ready for the fight. Andrea and Celeste end up in a double bearhug showing how much they are eager to fight, breast firmly pressed into each other’s breast.

Andrea manages to grab a handful of Celeste’s hair and pin her against the wall, showing off her strength… but Celeste fights back, slams Andrea into the wall and pulls Andrea’s arms after planting her foot on her breast!

Time to slap those bare tits!

Before starting the chest slaps contest, they sexily frisk each other carefully for foreign objects and.. remove their top!

From now on, a wild chest and breast slapping contest begins: you’ll see them attacking each other’s beautiful breasts with upside-down slaps, side slaps, painfully whipping their tits forcing out blood-freezing screams of agony.

Punches and strangles to finish her off

Belly punches are widely used to make the whole thing even more painful, and double-handed strangles to wear down the opponent.

After a terrific series of a dozen of overhand slaps, Celeste goes down and gives up, sobbing in tears and unable to continue the fight. Andrea lifts her in a punishing bearhug to show her power to the defeated enemy, throws her down and places her boot on poor Celeste’s tits in a dominant victory pose.

Just, wow!

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