FF006 Andrea vs Bianca

Duration: 24 min
Price: Euro 39,99 (720p) – Euro 41,99 (1080p) – Euro 43,99 (2160p)
Content: topless, g-string, camel clutch, rear naked chokes, schoolgirl pin, headscissors, reverse figure four, back breaker, lotus hold, armbar, belly punching, foot choke, full nelson, boston crab, lift & carry

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Bad girl Bianca – her gorgeous ass clad in a micro g-string – catches Andrea by surprise, puts her in a camel clutch and removes her top, exposing her perfect breast for your viewing pleasure. Andrea’s immediate reaction makes things even, rendering Bianca topless too and trapping her in a deadly rear naked choke body scissor combo.

An endless collection of sexy holds

The wrestlers skillfully exchange holds moving from a high schoolgirl pin to a body scissor and a fantastic reverse figure four by Andrea. Bianca suffers with her face buried in Andrea’s thighs, an inch from her ass… only to repay her soon in the same way.

This incredible show goes on with countless camel clutches, several back-breaking holds, strangles, a terrific armbar, some good old belly punching, a foot choke, creative full nelsons combined with a reverse grapevine… you name it!

Perfect camerawork on perfect bodies

The match is back and forth, but eventually Bianca gets the upper hand and delivers a terrific beating to Andrea for the last third of the video, including a humiliating leg-spread victory pose, before carrying her on her shoulder around the room, slapping her ass!

Camera angles and close ups are studied in order to give you a privileged view of the holds and the wrestlers’ fantastic bodies, with special attention to Andrea’s breast, that is perfection.

Not to be missed.

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