FF009 Andrea vs Celeste – Rivals in love in a no rules topless fight to KO

Duration: 50 min
: Euro 44,99 (720p) – Euro 46,99 (1080p) – Euro 48,99 (2160p)
: topless, trash talking, staredown, hair pulling, biting, backbreaker, scissors, nipple pinching, breast grabs, foot torture, grapevine pins, handcuffs, crying, KO

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Andrea and Celeste love the same man. There’s so much hatred that they agree on a no rules, topless fight, biting allowed until one passes out from pain for a final KO.

This video has a narrating voice describing the action (Italian) and there are no subtitles, the story behind it was a specific request by the sponsor, but it’s not really adding to the viewing experience.

The fight is on!

The two rivals kneel in front of each other, remove each other’s top and go for a long nose to nose staredown… and the fight begins! They immediately go for each other’s hair, Celeste manages to straddle Andrea and both sink their teeth into the opponent’s soft flesh of the neck and arms… but then Andrea turns tables and puts Celeste in a camel clutch and a backbreaker.

The match continues as a no rules catfight, with lots of biting and scissors, nipple pinching, breast grabbing, and long foot torture. Plus some peculiar acrobatic moves, aiming to make the opponent pass out from the unbearable pain.

Dramatic ending

A terrific prolonged breast torture action finally causes one fighter to pass out ending the match. The loser is handcuffed and the winner is entitled to torture her body for one long minute: breast squeezing, biting, foot torture!

You will see the desperate crying loser go crazy looking at Andrea making out with her new boyfriend.

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