FF010 Andrea vs Celeste – Topless wild fight: revenge!

Duration: 50 min
: Euro 44,99 (720p) – Euro 46,99 (1080p) – Euro 48,99 (2160p)
: topless, staredown, hair pulling, biting, breast torture, nipple twisting, head scissors, trash-talking, camel clutch, toe twisting, foot torture, ko

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Introduction (10 min)

Celeste is sitting on the floor, crying about her previous loss to Andrea in FF009. This is her chance to avenge that terrible day. Same rules: topless match, no rules! Even biting is allowed, until one fighter passes out from pain for a final KO.

Please note that this video has a narrating voice describing the action (Italian) that is not subtitled; the story behind it was a specific request by the sponsor, but it’s not really adding to the viewing experience.  

Staredown and… fight!

The initial staredown continues for 2 more minutes, intense, both girls topless, nose against the nose, just before the match begins. Then, hands in the hair and it’s time to fight! Hairpulling, biting, breast torture, nipple twisting, strangling… you name it!

Andrea straddles Celeste and goes for her tits, pinching her erect nipples and biting her flesh. Celeste is in agony… after some minutes of breast torture, Celeste punches Andrea’s belly to break free.

No rules fight

The match goes on with beautiful head scissors, more breast mauling, but also a terrific camel clutch by Celeste. Then she tortures Andrea’s feet for long minutes, twisting and bending her toes one by one.

Finally, you will see Celeste put Andrea in what is likely to be the most beautiful camel clutch you have ever seen: Andrea’s breasts are exposed, and her back arched and stretched.

The final breast torture and biting scene ends the match: Andrea has passed out and Celeste is the winner! She is entitled to torturing Andrea, her hands in chains. The loser will be left desperately crying while Celeste has fun with her reconquered boyfriend, in front of her. How humiliating!

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