FF025 Ivy Satinee vs Aura – The mistress wants you (topless)

Duration: 23 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: test of strength, mercy fight, breast smother, topless, standing head-scissor, foot choke, grapevine pin, body scissor, kissing, foot domination, foot kissing, foot worship, make out

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Bad girl Ivy loves breast smothering

Aura has her first wrestling lesson at Ivy’s gym… but something is not right: mistress Ivy locks the door and forces a suspicious Aura to strip down to her bikini.

The “lesson” begins with a mercy fight, Ivy playing cat and mouse with Aura, finally pinning her wrists to the wall… and suddenly breast smothering her for good! Ivy’s huge boobs are firmly pressed on a helpless Aura’s face, and she can neither breathe, nor move. Soon Ivy strips topless to be even more effective with her massive tits on her poor victim!

It’s topless domination

Little Aura is frightened, she is easily trapped in an inescapable standing head-scissor and stripped topless, her small perky tits making a striking contrast with Ivy’s large bosom.

Aura has no choice but fighting now, however she ends caught in a grapevine pin and breast smother combination, a body scissor that almost breaks her in half, a full nelson and then again falls victim of Ivy’s impressive boobs.

The black mistress enjoys toying the weaker girl, making fun of her and using her for her own pleasure, applying dominant holds at will, rubbing her body on hers and finally ends up sensually, slowly kissing Aura’s lips against her will!

Aura the foot slut

The smaller girl keeps trying and fighting back, so Ivy decides that it’s time to turn her into her foot slut! Aura has no choice and kisses Ivy’s feet in every imaginable way and position, subjugated by Ivy’s superior strength.

After a few minutes of forced foot worship session, Aura is finally conquered and the two start passionately kissing each other

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