FF101 Andrea vs Ambra – Whose feet are stronger? Foot domination!

Duration: 37 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: foot torture, thongs, foot choke, foot worship, foot kissing, chokes, foot fetish

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Foot models brawl

Andrea and Ambra are foot models, and they are preparing for a photo shoot. You can feel the tension in the atmosphere when jealousy and envy arise in Ambra who decides to “examine” Andrea’s feet. This ends in a fight in which both beauties seek to humiliate their rival and show that their own feet are the prettiest and strongest.

Foot torture galore

You will see a hell of a fight, in which these sexy models will use all of their creativity to punish and humiliate the opponent. Listen to the screams of pain from the bites, the toe holds, ankle locks, heel hooks, the stomps and the toe-twisting, they are horrifying.
Sadism and satisfaction can be seen on the faces of these girls when their feet are in a privileged position on the head or neck of their rival. But that’s not all, feet are also weapons that Andrea and Ambra know very well how to use. You’ll enjoy the variations of lotus holds and camel clutches, and above all the most brutal chokes, which are a work of art.
And also, there’s plenty of very obvious wardrobe malfunctions that (sorry!) had to be blurred.

Forced foot worship, of course!

After more than 30 minutes of a very close fight, one of the girls finally gives up and is subjected to the humiliation of kissing and worshiping the beautiful and strong feet of the winner, who walks out victorious and gloating to her photo session.
If you have a thing for feet, this is a very obvious must buy!

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