FF004 Bianca vs Alessandro – Total domination

Duration: 27 min
Price: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 24,99 (1080p) – Euro 27,99 (2160p)
Content: thong, G-string, domination, teasing, scissors, figure four, schoolgirl pin, facesitting, grapevine pin, smothering, foot smother victory pose

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Bianca shows off her body

Bianca decides to strip off her one-piece after warming up and change into a sexy see-through body, wearing only a laced G-string. She insists that the cameras stay on during the process to show off her incredible body. What a good start!

Dominant Bianca

From now on, you’ll watch Bianca destroy Alessandro with her powerful legs, performing every kind of scissors on him. There’s plenty of teasing and the match starts off totally one-sided.

You’ll see how Bianca loves to torture the weaker man, forcing her crotch into his face with incredible triangles and figure fours as well.
Bianca is strong and evil, loves to dominate and to force real submissions out of Alessandro using her perfect and ultra-fit body as a deadly weapon.
Her very high schoolgirl pins are so humiliating for him, his head trapped between her muscular thighs and his arms pinned! And what about the reverse facesitting he suffers half into the match?

Topless humiliation

A desperate Alessandro starts pulling Bianca’s hair, only to make her even angrier. She enjoys full body pinning him, her belly pressed on his face smothering him. Bianca is literally a fury, he stands no chance. After over 30 submissions, Alessandro is posed on by a topless, towering Bianca, her sweat one-piece body stuffed in his mouth (“I want to leave my scent on you!“), and her foot on his mouth for the utmost humiliation!

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