FF007 Bianca vs Pamela – Breast smother, facesitting and foot domination

Duration: 24 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: body comparison, thongs, breast smother, face sitting, breast slapping, reverse head scissors, body scissors, ass slapping, armbar, foot smother, foot to the face, grapevine pin, figure four head-scissor, hair pulling, nipple torture, hand over mouth smother, foot licking

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Body as a weapon!

Gorgeous Pamela and super confident Bianca meet in the gym and immediately start to argue (in English: no subtitles) about who has the better body, stripping down to their thong bikinis… and soon the battle begins!

Pamela pins Bianca against the wall pressing her large boobs on hers, then forces Bianca’s face into her cleavage, breast smothering her. Bianca’s reaction is a humiliating facesitting, where she rubs her crotch on the blond’s nose and mouth!

Terrific sexy holds

You’ll see Pamela going mad, and after removing her own top, she will tit slap her opponent’s face, breast smother her and strip her topless! How humiliating!

The match continues back and forth, with the two fighters taking turns putting each other in countless sexy holds: armbar with foot smother, terrific full weight front and reverse face sittings, several breast smothers, spectacular reverse head scissors, and a grapevine pin, just to name a few.

Bianca’s demise and humiliation

Pamela finally gets the upper hand and tortures Bianca in an excruciating figure four head-scissor, humiliates her putting her through a hell of holds demanding that she licks her feet! After trying to resist, Bianca gives up and the domination she goes through in the last third of the video can’t be told… just download the video and enjoy it! 

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