FF008 Ivy vs Bianca – A terrific full nude catfight, final facesitting and foot domination

Duration: 33 min
: Euro 33,99 (720p) – Euro 37,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
: nude, trash talking, staredown, pushing, hair pulling, topless, scissors, straddling, strangling, rear naked choke, head scissors, spanking, headlock, biting, breast smother, schoolgirl pin, facesitting, foot worship, foot licking, foot smother, humiliation, domination

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Nude wrestling anyone?

This is the first full nude catfight video on Fetish Fights. Bianca and Ivy have an argument in their office clothes, leading to a 2 minutes intense nose to nose staredown.

Very soon they end up pushing and hands in the hair, while trash talking and threatening. You’ll see them strip down to their underwear, kick their shoes and move to the mats for another terrific staredown, eye in the eye and nose against nose, with even more trash talking.

A real catfight?

The atmosphere is super hot as they both strip nude before starting the fight. Ivy and Bianca go at it wildly: hair pulling, scissors, straddles, strangles… their stark naked bodies entangled on the mats fight for supremacy for your viewing pleasure.

Ivy is thicker and more muscular, while Bianca is agile and quicker. For sure, they don’t mind exposing their intimate parts in a terrific catfight that looks fully competitive: actually, the girls were left free to do whatever they liked, and it turned more real than it was supposed to be!

Nude facesitting and forced foot worship!

Spanking, standing head scissors, chokeholds, headlocks, grapevine pins… wild, real hair pulling: the catfight knows no break for more than 20 minutes of spectacular, restless action. Bianca bites Ivy’s shoulder and then is smothered under her ample breasts, a very dominant schoolgirl pin gets close to a face sitting!

After an even fight, you will see Bianca in control: she catches Ivy in a scissor and strangles her now helpless opponent. Ivy is finally beaten, and it’s domination time!

Bianca towers over her and enjoys a sequence of full-weight nude facesit smothers. But it’s not enough and she turns a desperate Ivy into her foot slut: she will lick feet, legs and soles.

The final frame shows Bianca posing on an annihilated Ivy, foot smothering her for good.


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