FF011 Ambra vs Bianca – Pure foot domination

Duration: 23 min
: Euro 18,99 (720p) – Euro 22,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: forced foot worship, foot licking, foot kissing, foot fetish, humiliation, domination, foot choke, foot smelling, toe sucking, foot smother

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Domination after wrestling

This video starts exactly where SFD339 ended: Bianca has just surrendered begging for mercy and is forced to lick Ambra’s big toe. She thinks it’s over but… not really! Ambra is definitely in for more fun. When she places her foot on her defeated opponent’s face and orders to lick, Bianca at first says “never!”, but Ambra knows how to convince her.

Mistress Ambra in action

Bianca is laying on her back, and can only stick her tongue out and lick Ambra’s foot from heel to toes, slowly and carefully. Ambra loves it as much as you will love the close-ups on that scene.

This is just the beginning: Ambra foot chokes Bianca, slaps her face with her perfect, small feet, makes her smell them, lick and suck her toes and soles.


When Bianca starts to enjoy being dominated by her little mistress and gets obviously aroused, Ambra becomes aggressive and nasty: she wants to humiliate Bianca and make her suffer, surely not to please her! Or, at least this is what she thinks… but you know, the atmosphere heats up and also Ambra starts to enjoy the situation more than she had expected: you will clearly hear her moans and heavy breathing and you will feel the excitement.
Fantastic foot domination by first-timer Ambra, with plenty of close-ups of her tiny, soft and sexy feet.

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