FF013 Luna vs Aura – Competitive chokes match. Aura goes topless

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: neck scissors, body scissors, chokes, strangles, headlocks, rear-naked choke

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Competitive match, with a twist

Super classic blond vs brunette match, tomboy vs next door girl, Aura vs Luna.
And Aura starts out very aggressive trapping Luna in a great body scissor that transitions into a fantastic neck scissor! Poor Luna is stunned and a few seconds later Aura has a tight headlock on her, drags her across the mats in a strangle and Luna must tap!
Aura shows off her confidence, removes her top, and decides to continue topless to embarrass her opponent.

Pure aggression

Aura is nothing less than intimidating when she twists Luna’s neck, bends it as far as it can go, tries to strangle her… looks like she knows no limit. Impressive! She likes having her in a headlock pushing her naked tits into her face. Luna seems helpless, dominated.
And then she decides that she cannot accept the humiliation and suddenly matches her opponent’s aggression and determination.

“Fighting for life”

The match becomes an even fight of a surprising level of competitiveness and intensity. Aura’s strength and speed are impressive, and her fighting style is very much fitting such a wild match. You get the feeling that they are fighting for life, and since it’s a strangle match it’s not that far from reality if you think about it.

After many spectacular submissions, you get to see the winner flexing her biceps while posing on her defeated foe.
A unique production.

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