FF017 Pamela vs Celeste – Sexy back and forth domination

Duration: 31 min
: Euro 33,99 (720p) – Euro 37,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
: topless, full-body pin, grapevine pin, breast smother, mercy fight, face sitting, knees, reverse facesitting, camel clutch, boston crab, over the knee backbreaker, crotch stomp, tits biting, breast kissing

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Celeste, “the best topless wrestler”

An overconfident Celeste welcomes Pamela introducing herself as the “strongest topless wrestler”, and that makes the blond powerhouse laugh in amusement. However, the match begins with Celeste trapping Pamela in a fantastic grapevine pin, pressing her small perky breasts on her opponent’s large bosom, nailing her to the mats for a few minutes. When the dark-haired model decides to slide forward and breast smother Pamela, you’ll witness from very close one of the sexiest scenes ever: Celeste’s erect nipples will tell how much she is enjoying the domination!

The mercy-fight test of strength that follows is extraordinarily long, even, intense and hard-fought. Several different camera angles show the beauty of both contestants’ bodies and the incredible effort they put in the fight. Again, Celeste is the winner and again she rubs her tits on Pamela’s face to humiliate her in a long punishing breast smother.

Pamela’s comeback

Pamela hates being dominated and decides that biting her opponent’s tit is the right thing to do. For sure this allows her to turn the tables and… you know how Pamela loves to take her revenge! She breast smothers Celeste, tit slaps her face, and finally facesits her into submission. The nipple torture that follows is a devastating experience for Celeste, who is helpless under her stronger opponent

A knee to the crotch prepares Celeste for a terrific reverse facesit smother with breath play and prolonged nipple twisting!

Kiss my tits!

A low blow saves Celeste from further punishment, and she is again on top: a camel clutch with breast torture, a boston crab, and over the knee backbreaker make Pamela sob in pain. The following crotch stomps and knees to the crotch will make her fall to her knees and beg.
Celeste wants to punish her further, and even bites her tits, slaps them and makes Pamela say that she is her slave.

You won’t believe seeing Pamela forced to admit Celeste’s breast is better than hers and made to even kiss her nipples!

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