FF019 Ambra vs Andrea – The thin line between pain and pleasure

Duration: 29 min
: Euro 22,99 (720p) – Euro 26,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
: microbikini, prop knives, staredown, full body pin, grapevine pin, foot to crotch

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Take two of the most beautiful wrestlers in the industry, have them wear tiny micro bikinis, make them fight almost naked with prop knives, in a close body against body struggle. Breasts are pressed into each other, their legs are entangled, lips touching the opponent’s neck, heavy breathing: Andrea and Ambra get obviously aroused.

The hottest victory pose ever!

Breasts and bellies are repeatedly stabbed, legs are spread in incredible grapevine pins, backs are arched in the sexiest agony.
And the slow foot-to-crotch action during the long victory pose after each fall seamlessly turns said agony into something else, crossing the border between pain and pleasure, in the hottest scene you have seen in a while. Moaning, arching, panting, shaking bodies. Perfect camera angles capture the unrivaled beauty of such perfect bodies, to your delight.

Enough said! Words don’t do justice to this unique Fetish Fights production, just go get the download and see yourself!

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