FF021 Celeste vs Gioia – Extreme catfight to the finish (topless)

Duration: 31 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: trash-talking, hair pulling, catfight, scissors, topless

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After exchanging threatening messages challenging each other, Gioia and Celeste – looking great in their black thong bikinis – compete in a no holds barred extreme catfight with unusual holds: hair pulling, skin pinching, knuckles pushed in the opponent’s flesh…
There’s hatred, uninterrupted trash-talking during all the match and screams of pain.

Bodies are under attack!

A very effective and pretty unique technique very often used today, is pushing the knuckles into the other’s soft parts, like digging into the flesh and at the same time twisting the fist to make more damage and cause stronger pain. Thighs, bellies, breast and neck are the most delicate spots to attack this way.

Of course, there’s plenty of wild hairpulling and scissors as well.

The topless epilogue

During the first two falls it’s Gioia that, after a back and forth struggle, manages to trap Celeste in some hold and torture her body to the point of no return, making her scream her surrender in tears, defeated. 2-0.

The girls strip topless for the decisive final fall (10 minutes). Fighting with their delicate, perfect breasts and perky nipples exposed is even harder as they keep mercilessly mauling their bodies and skin: look how Gioia attacks Celeste’s breasts with her bare knuckles!

No way, Gioia proves stronger and once again she wins, humiliating the poor loser, posing on her, now a sobbing mess shaking under Gioia’s dominant foot.(note: this video had been previously published on www.sexyfightdreams.com as SFD213)

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