FF023 Aura vs Giulia – A topless spy story!

Duration: 25 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: topless, strangling, hair pulling, slapping, backbreaker, camel clutch, trash-talking, scissors, belly punching, grapevine pin, breast smother, breast mauling, armpit smother, reverse head-scissor, full nelson, bearhug

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Small, firm bodies fight

The blond hottie Giulia and the bossy brunette Aura wear micro shorts and a tank top (soon to be removed, leaving them topless) in this “spy-story”. When Giulia enters the old warehouse, Aura is hiding behind a pile of mats and attacks her!

Topless is even better

The match is mostly back and forth, and very soon they end up topless! And there’s plenty of slaps to the face, belly punching, knees, strangling and moves like camel clutches, backbreakers, hairpulling, head-slams, scissors, tits mauling, full nelson, bearhug…

Defeated and humiliated

Both Giulia and Aura are small, with the right curves and a super fit body! Aura’s back stretching moves on Giulia are particularly cruel and painful, while Giulia’s grapevine pins – breast smother combo seems to be her favorite move… and her creativity reaches the top with an unseen armpit smother hold!

The two enemies even make use of handcuffs and a rope. Finally, Aura defeats and dominates Giulia, unable to fight back, and beats the hell out of her with slaps, punches, headbutts and a terrific bearhug crushing her midsection.

How humiliating for the smaller blond: she ends up sobbing and begging in tears, her wrists tied up!

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