FF024 Luna vs Ambra – Microbikini knife fight

Duration: 32 min
Price: Euro 22,99 (720p) – Euro 26,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
Content: micro bikini, staredown, knives, victory pose

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Stunning bodies!

It starts with the two beauties stripping down to the skimpiest micro bikinis they have ever worn, exposing their perfect, fit, fatless bodies for your viewing pleasure. During the warm-up they keep exchanging looks: they have never wrestled each other with so little fabric on them, and are anticipating a pretty unusual match.

Hand to hand “fight”

At the beginning of each of the 5 falls, they engage in a super sexy staredown, pushing their forehead and body into each other’s, never losing eye-contact!
The knife fight begins, first standing and then on the mats. They roll with their legs entangled, trying to straddle the opponent and pin her wrists down, pushing their breasts into each other. There’s plenty of moaning and shortness of breath, surely because of the effort but not only: rubbing thigh against crotch and tits on tits causes some unavoidable side effects on both girls!

The most stimulating victory pose ever…

Each fall ends with either Luna or Ambra stabbed on her breast or belly, her legs folded under the body in the most vulnerable position. The loser is posed on, her tormentor’s toes firmly pressed and pushing on her crotch, in a very dominant and incredibly sexy fashion, her body arching and writhing in…  agony (or else).
Of course, the action is slow with plenty of appropriate close-ups for you to enjoy Luna and Ambra’s hand to hand combat from all camera angles.
The photos and the preview clip will give you more reasons to get this video than any word.

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