FF027 Adele vs Giulia – Models fight topless for a job

Duration: 27 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: topless, staredown, camel clutch, armbar, breast smother, bow and arrow, backbreaker, trash-talking, body scissor, full nelson, scorpion hold, reverse figure four head scissor, bearhugs, grapevine pin, head-scissor, foot choke

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Adele’s first time topless 

Giulia and Adele find out that they are competing for the same modeling job. They start comparing their bodies: legs, back, shoulders… and strip down to their thongs, topless, revealing incredible breasts! Both have bodies to die for, in a different way, making the striking contrast between the blond and the dark beauty even more obvious.

Perfect breasts, made to smother

You’ll see how the discussion heats up and soon they are face to face, tits to tits in a staredown quickly turning into a fight when Giulia pushes Adele’s tits away from her!

In a moment, the smaller blond has Adele in a painful camel clutch, with an evil smile on her face, making her scream and squirm in the hold.
Adele manages to slip out of it and traps Giulia in an armbar, but Giulia answers back with a long, perfect breast smother repeatedly pushing her tits hard into Adele’s face!

The fight escalates

The match continues back and forth, one sexy hold after another.

More camel clutches, bearhugs, bow and arrow, backbreakers, body and head scissors, full nelson, a very dominant grapevine pin and lots of trash talking throughout the fight. An incredible reverse figure four head scissor, almost smothering Giulia’s nose against Adele’s round ass, is something you don’t want to miss!

Eventually, one of the proud rivals will end up beaten, forced to beg for mercy and foot choked in a long, humiliating victory pose… only to be carried around on the winner’s shoulder, slapping her ass for good!

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