FF028 Celeste vs Gioia – Extreme wild match where anything goes with a topless last fall

Duration: 26 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: biting, hairpulling, foot torture, topless, breast torture

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Pure hatred

Celeste faces Gioia in a crazy, extreme contest.
A long introduction where the girls are encouraged to show how much they hate each other: trash talking, threatening, promising the worst physical damage to each other… touching nose to nose in a long staredown.

Sharp teeth

They end up digging their teeth into each other’s shoulder’s flesh!
There is a narrator letting you know what is going on in detail, while they switch to the softer neck!
After that, they will dig their knuckles into the belly and ribs, trying to break one and end the match.


An hairpulling catfight follows, with biting, punching, anything goes.
Gioia ends up face down, her arm bent behind her back, tortured… helpless and defeated, finally forced to beg for mercy.
The next fall is all about foot torture: Celeste is blocked and her delicate foot is destroyed toe by toe, twisted until her surrender comes with tears of pain.

What is better than a topless final fall to decide the winner?


The final 7 minutes fall is an amazing topless no holds barred catfight. As soon as Celeste has recovered she jumps at Gioia, bites her shoulder and in a second they are rolling on the mats! The two rivals wildly dig their fists into each other’s breast and soft skin, hit, bite, scissor… screaming like crazy!

Their almost naked beautiful bodies and perky nipples are totally exposed for your viewing pleasure. You will see from very close distance how an especially nast breast grab causes unbearable pain, and one of the contenders screams her surrender, leaving the loser in tears! The way the winner verbally humiliates the desperate loser, while ambiguously caressing and kissing her is a masterpiece on its own.

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