FF032 Ambra vs Bianca – Kicks, boots, bare feet, domination and… a final surprise!

Duration: 19 min
: Euro 16,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
: kicks, boots, foot choke, foot domination, foot fetish, foot kissing

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The great KO kick!

Bianca kicks Ambra in the face with her powerful full force turning kicks several times, and the smaller girl is grounded. Ambra answers back with her own kicks and the two start exchanging kicks to the face and body, flying backwards in pain at each blow. Bianca keeps insulting both her opponent and Luna, who didn’t have the guts to show up, and finally traps Ambra in a boot choke demanding that she begs for mercy, but the little pest finds the way out of the uncomfortable position.

The first part ends with Bianca finishing Ambra with a jumping front kick that sends her KO.

Foot domination

The second part sees Ambra back in great shape, kicking Bianca with her black boots and nailing her to the wall with a standing foot choke, almost making her pass out under her dominant foot.
However, Bianca finds the way to catch Ambra by surprise with a sudden front kick to the breast, but Ambra manages to kick her back to the face from the mats.
After many more kicks, Ambra is the one on top, her boot firmly planted on Bianca’s neck: she forces Bianca to lick her dirty soles, making fun of her all the time… then she removes her boot and makes Bianca sniff it, and tortures her with her bare, stinky foot in the face. How humiliating!

You get your share of kicks!

Both girls wear kimonos and are barefoot for the last segment, to find out who has the strongest, dirtiest and most dominant feet!
They start comparing their feet with plenty of long closeups of their toes and soles and then move on to a kicks contest. And indeed they exchange terrific kicks of various kinds before deciding that… YOU are their target and you will be kicked and forced to smell their dirty feet!

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