FF035 Bianca vs Pamela – Feet and legs contests in pantyhose (and no panties!)

Duration: 32 min
: Euro 33,99 (720p) – Euro 37,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
: trash-talking, feet, pantyhose, topless, hairpulling, lift and carry, leg wrestling, test of strength

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Both Bianca and Pamela want to be the protagonist of a shooting in pantyhose for Bill, a Canadian sponsor. They compare their shoes, legs and feet then decide to show him who is stronger: they strip into pantyhose only (no panties), compare their bodies and get ready for the contest.


Immediately, Pamela – who has long experience as a catfighter – stomps on Bianca’s hair showing off her own feet, humiliating the opponent. They engage in a very sexy fight rubbing their pussies on each other, hairpulling and rolling on the mats. Pamela finally wins with a body scissor.

Test of strength

What follows is a sole vs sole leg-push kind of test of strength, then Pamela proves her strength lifting and carrying Bianca around, doing squats with her on her back. When they swap position, Bianca can’t do the same with Pamela on her back. Several kinds of Leg wrestling again prove that the blond fighter is stronger!

They then move to test their flexibility, with sexy leg splits and the like.

Everything happens in a sexy and allusive fashion, there’s no real aggression and both seem to be aroused by each other’s body… the girls are ready to do whatever it takes to please Billy and be invited to the shoot and they talk to him in English all the time.

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