FF036 Bianca vs Gianni – Foot domination, face sitting punishment to death!

Duration: 16 min
: Euro 16,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
: mixed, foot smother, heels, foot domination, facesitting, slapping, one-sided, foot fetish

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Bianca has a prisoner

Bianca enters the room in black heels and a white, tight minidress wrapping her body like a glove. Gianni is laying on the floor, legs arms and wrists tied.
A bossy Bianca soon forces him to smell her shoes and then foot smothers him for good, rubbing her soft soles on his face.

Foot smother and deep facesitting torture

Immediately after, you will see Bianca turning to face his legs, lift her dress and reverse face sit Gianni. The torture begins: she holds his face tight between her feet and her ass, moving it up and down on him, using her hands to force his face literally up between her ass cheeks and preventing him from breathing.
Not only that, Bianca rubs her thonged ass and pussy all over her prisoner’s face and nose, threatening him to give her “the password” or else!

Smothered to death

The bad girl switches to front facesitting then and smothers him engulfing his mouth with her ass so that he can barely answer. But, unfortunately for him, the password doesn’t work!
More punishment follows, slaps, even more, full weight front and reverse facesit smothering: “breath in my ass” says Bianca, moving left and right, back and forth… she wants him to “please her” with his face.
Despite finally giving the right password, the poor Gianni ends up smothered to death in the end.
On a side note, be aware that Bianca speaks in her peculiar English all the time 🙂

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