FF040 Aura vs Adele – Forced topless, vicious foot domination and total humiliation

Duration: 26 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: topless, foot choke, foot smother, figure four head-scissor, hairpulling, armbar, body scissors, foot kissing, domination, humiliation, forced foot worship

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Aura’s mistake

Aura looks very provocative in her tiny thongs, guilty of texting Adele’s boyfriend too much: that’s no good. The cheater finds herself a victim of Adele’s rage, and in a few seconds, she is on her back, with one foot firmly pressed on her throat and the other one on her mouth! The long foot smother is meant to cut Aura’s breath and also to make her feel dominated and break her spirit.

Aura must kiss feet!

Adele continues the domination, dishing out pain and humiliation: a figure four head scissor almost makes Aura pass out, and the following double foot smother has her tapping in agony!

The worst humiliation for Aura comes when she is forced to kneel, ass up in the air, and repeatedly kiss Adele’s feet (close up angles), her head forced down, no chance to escape. Adele likes it so much, that you will witness such a scene over and over again.

Forced topless

And that’s when (after 7 minutes) Adele strips off her top, showing her incredibly perfect breast and then exposes Aura’s tits to humiliate her further, and chokes her with her own top!

Adele loves to expose Aura’s tits for your viewing pleasure, and then back to some good, topless foot action.

Dominated, humiliated, destroyed

As time passes, you will see Adele enjoying being in total control with countless footholds: armbar with foot choke, more and more foot smothers, scissors… Aura is completely subdued and whining helplessly: Adele places her foot on the side of Aura’s head, almost crushing it, thus expressing her dominance.

More and more forced foot kissing by Adele will make sure that Aura stays clear of her boyfriend for the coming years!


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