FF041 Aura vs Adele – Topless breast smother domination

Duration: 26 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: topless, breast smother, hair pulling, choking, ass kissing, one sided, rear naked chokes, hand smother, head scissors, grapevine pin, humiliation, schoolgirl pin, reverse head scissor

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Breast smothers and ass kissing!

Aura sports a lovely pink bikini, while Adele starts off topless, and you’ll understand why the very moment she decides to breast smother Aura, shoving her perfect natural tits on the poor girl’s face, nose and mouth, cutting her air supply. The long smothering action – often repeated throughout the video – is devastating and is followed by hair pulling and chokes, making Aura submit.
Adele now demands that Aura kneels down and kisses her ass: how humiliating!

Total domination

Adele continues her destruction of Aura with rear naked chokes, hand over mouth smothers, scissors, grapevine pins… Aura is walked across the mats by the hair and humiliated in every imaginable way.

After each tapout, Aura must kiss her tormentor’s ass, only to be beaten some more and be smothered again and again by Adele’s breasts.

Adele loves to dominate

The punishment goes on, with more ass kissing, more sexy and long smothers with Adele’s nipples standing erect to witness her enjoyment, leaving Aura desperate, crying and terrified.

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