FF043 Pamela vs Bianca – Two lesbian lovers play wrestle almost naked, and end up

Duration: 19 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 24,99 (1080p) – Euro 27,99 (2160p)
: topless, thongs, oil, touching, rubbing, reverse grapevine pin, full nelson, lesbian sex, facesitting, backbreakers, pussy rubbing, shower

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As sexy as it gets!

Bianca and Pamela wear a tank top full of holes and almost invisible micro bikini bottoms, “barely covering my pussy” as Bianca says.
Both girls oil up each other and begin touching and fondling their bellies, round and firm asses, toned abs.
Soon Bianca starts touching and rubbing Pamela’s private parts… and just before getting into a hot friendly wrestling match, they tear their tops off and are left topless!

Some playful holds and lesbian sex

Bianca catches Pamela in a full nelson and reverse grapevine pin only to expose her body even further… she loses no time and touches her belly, inner thighs, and tits as Pamela grows more and more excited. Bianca’s hands run all over Pamela’s body, totally out of control… then Pamela decides it’s her time to lock Bianca in a cross body hold and takes advantage of Bianca’s body, she even kisses and licks her down there and Pamela can hardly resist!

Facesitting and showering together!

Plenty of bellies and tits exposed, sexy lesbian action, super hot atmosphere, mutual fondling… Pamela even goes for a full weight facesit smother on Bianca, with her tiny bottoms, and both are loving it! Of course, they will swap positions for even more fun.

Headscissors, figure fours, over the knee backbreakers… and french kissing, tits against tits rubs, nipple fondling, heavy breathing… until the final scene taking place in the shower, with an inevitable ending! Enough said.

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