FF044 Bianca vs Pamela – pole dance lesbian friends play with each other’s body

Duration: 17 min
: Euro 24,99 (720p) – Euro 28,99 (1080p) – Euro 30,99 (2160p)
: kissing, breast fondling, touching

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Pole dance friends…

Pamela and Bianca are lovers who share the passion for pole dance… they enter the room wearing a bathrobe and pole dance high heels, and soon Bianca strips Pamela to a tiny string.
They play with each other, touch, kiss… Pamela makes a sexy pole dance for her lover and they end up playing by the pole.

…playing together

Pamela ties Bianca’s wrists and begins fondling her tits, touching, licking and kissing her firm ass. They then swap positions and it’s Bianca’s turn!
The two girls keep playing sexily with each other’s bodies kissing and moaning with pleasure.

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