FF052 Michela vs Bianca – Cruel micro bikini fight at home over a man

Duration: 52 min
: Euro 33,99 (720p) – Euro 37,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
: micro bikini, hair pulling, biting, smother, nipple pinching, crying, KO, topless, humiliation

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Love rivals and micro bikinis

Bianca and Michela are rivals in love and you’ll see them challenge each other by chat and then meeting in a country house for a 50 minutes long fight to the finish.
They are now in a micro bikini and without a word they grab each other’s hair and start savagely biting each other on the neck, face and ears, pinching their skin in the softest places, doing anything to cause pain to the enemy.

Nipple pinching…

When they move to the bedroom and on the bed, you know that something very sexy is going to happen: their way of fighting now becomes closer to an exciting challenge between their bodies, and they are close to kissing before the savage biting starts again!
Michela hand smothers Bianca straddling her, whilst biting her nose, then they pinch and pull their nipples under those tiny tops and torture their breast, with high moans of pain mixed with excitment.

…even a very obvious wardrobe malfunction!

Now it’s Bianca who is on top and dominates, smothering Michela for a long time: she can’t breathe and is in tears. One girl will finally be able to send the hated rival to sleep and announce her victory by SMS… but it’s not the end with 20 more minutes to go!
There’s still plenty of action to watch including a pretty unique wardrobe malfunction leaving Michela’s breast exposed for a few seconds.
Someone will end in tears of desperation, her wrists chained, straddled, tortured and humiliated by her rival!


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