FF056 Michela vs Bianca – micro bikini home fight: the revenge!

Duration: 57 min
: Euro 33,99 (720p) – Euro 37,99 (1080p) – Euro 39,99 (2160p)
: micro bikini, staredown, trash talking, hair pulling, biting, hand smother, eye poking, strangling, choking, schoolgirl pin, nipple twisting

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Getting ready for revenge!

Bianca is home, watching herself torturing Michela in the end of FF052, and loving it. She texts Michela about that and the exchange leads to Michela coming over for a revenge match!

You’ll see Michela stripping down to her micro bikini and get ready for another no-rules fight.

Biting into soft flesh

In no time the two rivals start to pull hair and savagely bite each other’s neck, ears, face, nose, breast and shoulders. Michela straddles Bianca and smothers her with her hands: there’s a lot of belly to belly contact while she is on top and dominates her opponent, almost eating her flesh off her bones!

It’s a desperate struggle, with eyes poking, strangling, choking, smothering, nose pinching, and after more than 20 minutes of such bed-fight, Michela seems to be the winner with her breast-biting technique!

Smothering and choking in terror

But Bianca’s comeback is irresistible and she schoolgirl pins Michela, rendering her totally helpless by locking her arms under her knees and smothering her!

You’ll see the panic and terror growing in Michela’s eyes and you’ll hear her moans while Bianca smothers her with both hands and pushes her to the limit of passing out.

It’s a long, humiliating and frightening torture with the victim crying tears of fear and frustration, completely at the mercy of her cruel tormentor.

Obviously Bianca loves to dominate her and do whatever she wants with Michela, adding some breast biting for good measure.

Unexpected ending

Finally, Michela is able to get free and the last part of approx 15 minutes begins with the longest and most painful nipple twisting and breast torture ever! Both girls try to destroy the opponent, but finally Michela conquers her victory with an incredible bite to Bianca’s chin followed by more nipple torture.

Bianca can’t take it anymore and loses consciousness from the pain.

She ends up in tears, tied up and tortured with Michela fully enjoying her revenge!


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