FF057 Bianca vs Riccardo – Her legs are too strong and powerful for him

Duration: 30 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 24,99 (1080p) – Euro 27,99 (2160p)
: test of strength, competitive wrestling, head scissors, body scissors, camel clutch, bear hug, rear naked choke, full nelson, standing head scissors, reverse head scissors, triangle, headlock, foot smother, foot choke

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Bianca’s natural aggression

Bianca is a tornado and despite Riccardo being a tough guy, he is initially overwhelmed by her aggression, strength and technique. Add some speed, agility, determination… and you get the full picture.

Riccardo manages to escape a scissor and finds himself trapped in a guillotine choke, soon after his head is slammed against the wall.
Bianca likes to trap his head in a scissor hold and squeeze trying hard to crush his head, ignoring his taps.

Proud reaction!

Riccardo’s reaction is made of bearhugs, scissors, chokes and holds making good use of his masculine strength. Now it’s Bianca who suffers on the receiving end! His full nelson is so dominating: you don’t often see a totally helpless Bianca, do you?

Bianca’s comeback

Soon tables are turned again, with Bianca applying a reverse figure four, then a reverse head scissor, headlocks… and when she has him in a sexy triangle, forcing his face against her crotch, you realize it’s over.

Bianca’s legs are incredibly sexy and strong: she loves to make him tap again and again to assert her superiority.

The last 5 minutes are of domination and terrible humiliation for the poor guy who must scream, tap and beg to be released from deadly scissors and foot chokes, foot smothers, reverse head scissors… you name it!

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