FF058 Pamela vs Bianca – Nude facesitting strip match

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: topless, nude, face sitting, KO, reverse face sitting, foot choke, nude facesitting, humiliation, face riding

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Fully nude facesitting!

Let’s start from the second half of the match, and answer your question: yes, both girls are naked and facesit each other like there’s no tomorrow, full weight, pussy and ass on the opponent’s nose and mouth – no joke!

If that’s not enough to go on and buy the video, let’s roll back to the start: Bianca sports a tiny micro bikini and stockings, Pamela wears an ultra sexy yellow one-piece and fishnet stockings.

Strip match

This is a facesitting strip-match: the loser of each fall loses one piece of clothing.

Bianca will be the first to gain a dominating position and sit on Pamela’s face for a long time, teasing her and cutting her breath with her big “marshmallow” ass, like she nicknamed it. After the “washing machine” treatment (Bianca shakes her ass all over Pamela’s buried face), the blond must give up and her fishnet pantyhose are gone.

Face sitting to KO

Of course Pamela takes her revenge and lowers her firm, round ass right on Bianca’s nose and mouth, stripping her off her top in the process. The blond dominatrix ignores Bianca’s pleas and smothers her to KO.

Long front and reverse face sitting holds follow each other in a play wrestling atmosphere where the girls exchange holds, with full weight sitting on each other’s face, nose and mouth.

Face-riding celebration!

Before half of the match both wrestlers are stripped naked… and the many, fully nude face sittings that follow are nothing short of incredible. Bianca will be the winner and she will take the time to enjoy herself riding a KOed Pamela’s face!


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