FF059 Bianca vs Pamela – Belly punching contest… with a surprise

Duration: 14 min
: Euro 14,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p) – Euro 21,99 (2160p)
: belly punching, rear naked choke

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Belly punching contest

This is the rematch of FF042 where Pamela destroyed Bianca in a belly punching competition.
Bianca starts throwing punches to Pamela’s lower belly, but despite going on and on for long with terrific sequences of punches and digging her fists in Pamela’s belly… Pamela seems to resist no matter what.

Pamela is unbreakable

After over 3 minutes they swap position, and Pamela begins to pound on Bianca’s belly and things look different.
Pamela’s bare fist is pushed into Bianca’s soft skin and toned abs… she screams and suffers to Pamela’s amusement.

Poor Bianca!

Pamela is now blindfolded so that she can’t see the hits coming! But no way, she even seems to like it. On the contrary, when they swap position, Bianca is blindfolded and is confused and terrified by Pamela fainting punches and delivering unexpected blows!
You can guess how it ends… Bianca is posed and punished with a rear naked choke by a very dominant Pamela.
English dialogues.

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