FF063 Eva vs Bianca – kicks contest and forced foot worship for the loser!

Duration: 15 min
: Euro 16,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
: face kicks, trainers, legs, thongs, foot choke, foot worship, foot licking, POV

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Long legs, powerful kicks

Eva and Bianca compare their legs: Eva’s are longer and she is flexible, while Bianca claims to be more powerful and stronger.
To prove it, she kicks Eva’s face with all her strength… strangely enough, Eva seems to feel nothing. But when she starts to kick Bianca’s face, she has a devastating effect on the rival.

After a long foot choke Bianca is forced to give up and lick the soles of Eva’s shoes… how humiliating!

Lick my feet, loser!

In the second part, both girls are all dressed in black leather and black boots with Bianca seeking revenge… but no way! She is again boot-choked and forced to lick Eva’s sole.

The next scene starts with a close up of Eva’s now bare soles.  Both are now wearing a gi and have super dirty feet. Plenty of close-ups to show what happens after a long walk in the dirt.

But you know the story already, and this time the forced foot worship session is even worse for poor Bianca!

The final scene has both girls kicking you in the face (POV).

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