FF065 Eva vs Bianca – terrific bodies, thongs, and the catfight turns half topless

Duration: 17 min
: Euro 16,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
: belly punching, kicking, hair pulling, scissors, strangling, mercy fight, topless, lifted bearhug, knees, chokes

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Micro bikini and heels

Bianca and Eva, stunning in their micro thong bikinis and heels, have an argument (all is Italian, no subtitles) and decide that they have to settle it with a best of three catfight.
After kicking their shoes off and some stretching, they’re ready to go!

Bianca wins the first

They fight with barely any rule, punching each other’s belly, pulling hair, kicking in what seems like a street brawl. Eva’s long legs are good to scissor Bianca’s midsection, while Bianca tries to strangle her from the back.
The interlocked bodies roll on the mats in a catball catfight and when Bianca straddles Eva’s neck and pins her arms down it seems it could be over.

Bianca stripped topless!

But it’s not enough for Eva and the match goes on: a fingerlock test of strength, lifted bearhugs, knees to the belly, lots of sexy action with their perfect bodies pushed against each other. Eva wins the second round and decides to strip Bianca’s top off!
The final round sees a lot of choking action, slaps and more punches until one girl is down and beaten.


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