FF070 Michela vs Bianca – Violent fight ends in a bloody nose

Duration: 14 min
: Euro 18,99 (720p) – Euro 21,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
: test of strength, face-punching, face slapping, rear-naked choke, body scissor, reverse head-scissor, belly punching, head-scissor, fistfight, trash-talking, straddling, face sitting, hair pulling, foot choke, domination, bloody nose

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Bitch against bitch

Bianca in her ultra sexy, ultra-tiny bikini, gets ready for Michela, as they have a grudge to settle. The way Michela enters the room “I smell bitch in here” shows how much love is between the two!

They lose no time and immediately start a fight, with lots of teasing and trash-talking (Italian language, no subtitles).
After a long finger lock test of strength, belly against the belly, Bianca begins to punch and slap Michela in the face, then throws her down and locks her in a rear-naked choke and body scissor.

Even fight

Michela’s quick reversal leads to a reverse head-scissor and belly punching. The two enemies keep fighting with more and more fists and slaps to Michela’s face… and countless reversals.

Head scissors, punches to the belly, straddles, schoolgirl pins, a foot choke… even a terrific full weight face sit smother and finally, a terrific ko punch leaves Bianca out cold and Michela poses with her foot to the opponent’s face.

Michela’s domination

The following six minutes are a nightmare for Bianca, who is stripped topless, dominated and humiliated by Michela with more punches to her belly, scissors, chokes and other holds… Bianca’s attempts to resist are useless and she is completely overpowered.

Note: Bianca’s nose is injured in the process, and this time the blood is real.


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