FF075 Adele vs Pamela – Topless mistresses fight for dominance: loser licks boots!

Duration: 26 min
: Euro 30,99 (720p) – Euro 34,99 (1080p) – Euro 36,99 (2160p)
: topless, trash-talking, staredown, mercy fight, knees, low blows, kicks, rear-naked choke, strangles, crotch grabs, breasts attacks, legs intertwined, leg scissors, full nelsons, chin locks, reverse head scissors, body scissors, boot licking, nipple twisting, tits slapping, crotch stomping, humiliation

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Clash of mistresses

Adele and Pamela, both topless in a leather harness, black gloves, pants, boots and a whip.
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From a hard exchange with trash-talking, we learn that Pamela defeated and humiliated Adele in the past, who is now seeking revenge.

Savage fight

A head to head staredown leads to the first one-handed finger lock test of strength. And Adele is on her knees! But she wins the left-handed mercy fight and evens it out.

The match escalates quickly and between insults, grunts and moans they go tits vs tits, but then Pamela plays dirty and repeatedly knees

Adele’s crotch!

From now on it’s nothing but a wild brawl: kicks, rear naked chokes, strangles, crotch grabs, bare breast attacks, legs intertwined, leg and body scissors… and full nelsons, chin locks, nipple squeezing, reverse head scissors, with lots of trash-talking throughout the fight!

Bootlicking and long domination!

Finally, someone must give up to a terrific choke and undergoes 7 minutes of nightmare-like humiliation and domination: first comes forced boot licking, and then tits slapping, nipple twisting, plenty of verbal humiliation.
The loser is turned into a pony, walked across the room, whipped, crotch-stomped… you name it!


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