FF083 Gloria vs Adele – topless smothers and chokes to KO

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: bearhug, breast smother, head scissors, camel clutch, topless, KO, staredown, headlock, grapevine pin, beating, reverse head scissors, belly punching

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Staredown and bearhugs

Two dazzling beauties with remarkable breasts come together for a 15 rounds topless fight to KO. The girls take off their clothes, leaving only their thongs on, revealing breathtaking bodies.

After a staredown, Adele and Gloria catch each other in a tight bear hug, and after struggling a lot Gloria is knocked out in the arms of her enemy.

Strangulation and loss of consciousness

The girls are absolutely equal in strength, do not really like each other and have an aggressive attitude, therefore you will see the most competitive match. In each scene, the winner is the one who can choke or strangle the rival to ko. To do so, both girls use their large boobs, legs, as well as various holds to torture the opponent’s back, such as spectacular camel clutches or over the knee backbreaker. Of course, there was still room for some hard belly punching throughout the match.

Each choke or strangle looks humiliating and always ends in the loss of consciousness. The girls strangle each other so hard that they do not always have enough air to make any sounds before passing out.

Final breast smother

When only the final round is left, Gloria catches the poor Adele in a tight grapevine pin and smothers her with her breast. Her attempts to resist are vane, as Gloria grabs hold of Adele’s head and pushes against her chest. A desperate Adele tries to scream, but her face, nose and mouth are covered by Gloria’s chest!

Finally, Adele loses consciousness, and Gloria rejoices in victory and gets into a dominating victory pose with the most charming smile on her lovely face!

Note: all KOs are simulated, there is no real loss of consciousness in this video

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