FF085 Fulvio vs Adele – Fulvio destroys his little plaything

Duration: 22 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: maledom, one sided, belly punching, biting, body scissors, full nelson, rear naked choke, topless, KO, camel clutch, back breaker, domination, bear hug, armbar, headlock, hair pulling

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Adele’s short lived good start

Fulvio enters the room where Adele was waiting for him eager to fight. Immediately, the two rivals full of hatred start a fight and Adele takes Fulvio down and catches him in head scissors. Fulvio suffers in hold for a while but then breaks the hold and just as easily takes Adele in a bear hug, lifting her and carrying her across the matted room, like a feather… and finally slamming her into the wall!

Fulvio has fun with his doll

Next, you will see the complete domination of a man over a woman. For Fulvio, Adele is just a doll with which he can do whatever he wants. Bear hugs, body scissors, reverse naked choke, armbar, breaking back, punches to the face and stomach and much more await you in this video. Adele has a chance to change the situation in her favour, and she hits Fulvio in the groin, but this does not save her from the torment that follows, since Fulvio only got angrier at her.

He straddles Adele and rips off her bra. You have never seen such strong punches and blows. After each blow to the stomach, Adele falls to the floor and curls up in pain and humiliation. With each new blow or twist, Adele screams louder and louder and begs the much stronger Fulvio to leave her alone.

Adele is destroyed

Fulvio catches Adele in the last rear naked choke, and squeezes her throat so hard that she simply loses consciousness. Maybe Adele was just lucky, otherwise, Fulvio would have continued to torment her. This is Fulvio’s unconditional victory over a weaker girl.
Maledom fans, you will love this match

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