FF088 Ambra vs Andrea vs Michela – Facesitting and scissors tournament

Duration: 31 min
: Euro 50,99 (720p) – Euro 54,99 (1080p) – Euro 56,99 (2160p)
: muscle posing, tournament, triangle, facesitting, reverse figure four head scissor, facesit pin,  reverse head scissor, victory pose

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The tournament

The three beauties show their bodies and strike some muscle poses for you before the facesitting and scissors tournament begins. It’s made of 3 matches of 8 minutes each, the more submission wins. Reverse scissor holds and triangles are allowed too.
The winner of each mini-match enjoys a victory pose over the loser.

Ambra vs Michela

The BJJ expert strikes first and forces a submission out of Michela with a reverse triangle but the reaction comes immediately and Ambra takes a facesitting and then a reverse figure four leading to another submission.
Ambra’s revenge is a full weight forward face sit pin, but Michela turns the tables and repays Ambra with the same, but it will be Ambra scoring again with an effective reverse face sit smother!
After 8 minutes of a fast-paced match, we have the post-match interviews and the first winner celebrating with her victory pose.

Andrea vs Ambra

Andrea starts well and very soon facesit pins Ambra counting her to 5!
Ambra’s attempts don’t go very well ad Andrea manages to slip out of under her ass each and every time. Ambra is upset… the match is even and finally, she evens it out with her preferred reverse scissor.
The winner is decided at the very last with a terrific forward face sitting hold!
Interviews and victory pose.

Michela vs Andrea

You all know Michela’s aggression and she is here to give you a good example of that. She leaves Andrea no time to think! Triangle forward face sitting and then reverse! Andrea is smothered and counted under Michela’s firm ass for the first point.
But this is just the beginning, this hard-fought match sees countless full weight face sit smother holds with beautiful camera angles and close-ups for you to enjoy!
There’s a clear winner and the winner of the tournament is finally announced.

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