FF092 Andrea vs Ambra – The “breast sitting” test of strength!

Duration: 39 min
: Euro 24,99 (720p) – Euro 27,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
: trash-talking, crying, biting, hair pulling, KO, Trash talking, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, humiliation, full-body pin, breast torture, nipple torture, bearhug, thongs, chains, KO, smothering.

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Vision of beauty

Andrea is doing some push-ups, when suddenly and abrupt she is interrupted by Ambra claiming she’s stronger. The argument results in an interesting and unusual challenge of strength between the two athletes.
So you get two stunning bodies, clad in super tight clothes highlighting their curves and muscles, with bellies exposed, sitting on one another trying to make the opponent give up!

A pretty unusual test of strength

Basically, they take turns sitting on the opponent’s breasts, feet on the legs, applying the maximum pressure with their full weight.
This contest is at the same time hard, fun and freaking hot. You will be impressed with the groans, laughs and hotness of Andrea and Ambra in every round of the challenge.
When the pain is unbearable – yes, that is a sensitive area – they also take advantage of the exposed bellies and resort to tickling to make the rival lose focus and succumb.
You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen and listen to all the spontaneous trash talking, in Italian, caused by the pain and effort.

Now, let me do my push-ups

In the end, Ambra is defeated and must admit that her rival is stronger. Andrea goes back to her business, but Ambra is not satisfied and wants her revenge: she decides to add some weight to Andrea’s push-ups… Of course, Andrea can’t stand it, and Ambra finally gets her payback!

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