FF094 Ambra vs Michela – Rivals in love fight without rules for the man of their dreams

Duration: 36 min
: Euro 24,99 (720p) – Euro 27,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
: trash-talking, crying, biting, hair pulling, KO, Trash talking, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, humiliation, full-body pin, breast torture, nipple torture, bearhug, thongs, chains, KO, smothering

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The two rivals in love are back

Ambra and Michela the rivals in love are back. In FF090 Michela won, subdued, mortified Ambra and, of course, enjoyed her time with Steve. Now, the man calls both girls to fight to the finish for him, again. After going through the last battle with their common teacher, the girls accept the challenge and meet at midnight. Like last time, the loser will be chained, left alone and humiliated, while the winner will join her prize.

All for Steve!

Ahead of time, the two wild cats start to fight. They look splendid and stunning in their black thongs. Both are willing to do anything for Steve’s love, especially Ambra, because she wants to avenge the humiliation she suffered last time.
It’s all or nothing! There’s a lot of hairpulling, biting on neck and ears, tremendous breasts and nipples pinching, hand smothers, chokes… as well as the most brutal body slams, with all the weight to crush the opponent and leave her breathless.
All this, in order to prove to the disputed man who is the best female.

The winner goes for her man

In the end, one of the fighters gets too confident and ends up subdued by her opponent, who masterfully punishes her repeatedly with excruciating chokehold variants.
The best female emerges victorious and proceeds to humiliate her victim both physically and mentally. The loser is chained, overpowered, her pride destroyed before passing out…. and finally, the winner goes for her love. Will there be a third fight?
Note: Italian language with no subtitles

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