FF096 Marzia vs Ivy – Blond barbie facesits and dominates the wrestling teacher

Duration: 29 min
: Euro 22,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p) – Euro 27,99 (2160p)
: interracial, armbar, triangle, camel clutch, humiliation, body scissors, head scissors, lotus lock, facesitting, victory pose, rear naked choke, domination

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Testing the barbie doll

Marzia asked Ivy to teach her some wrestling. Ivy, seeing Marzia’s thin frame, doubts that she stands a chance, but to prove her point she decides to grant her an admission test. Of course, the powerful ebony goddess shows her expertise and severely punishes her frail apprentice.
The poor barbie is suffering tremendous punishment from the teacher making her scream with pain and helplessness, and soon she is mercilessly facesitting her for good!

Who’s the teacher?

But looks are deceiving, and the roles are soon reversed as Ivy begins to be brutalized by Marzia. The small, thin and frail barbie is now beating up the teacher, she is subjecting her to brutal camel clutches, armbars, chokes, front and reverse facesitting holds and tremendous lotus locks, figure fours, scissors, and everything you can imagine.
Ivy is undergoing brutal torture and you will be amazed at Marzia’s technique, strength, and sadism in every hold and punishment she delivers.

The master of humiliation

After the terrible beating, Ivy gives up and is forced by Marzia to admit defeat. The new girl is not only an expert fighter but also in the art of humiliation, to the point that the once teacher ends up kissing the winner’s ass cheek. Marzia ends the humiliation by sitting on the loser’s face and posing victoriously over her.
You should pay attention to this incredible fighter, she is the complete package: sexy, strong and skilled. She definitely deserves your next custom video!

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