FF100 Andrea vs Ambra – Hot domme wants to turn Ambra into her lesbian lover

Duration: 27 min
: Euro 32,99 (720p) – Euro 35,99 (1080p) – Euro 37,99 (2160p)
: grapevine pin, body scissors, schoolgirl pin, facesitting, kissing, choking, heels, thongs

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Don’t touch

Opening scene: Ambra is at the mirror in a see-through bikini with micro bottoms, and Andrea comes in. She wants to “play” with Ambra… who doesn’t seem to oblige and leaves for the other room, apparently upset.
Andrea has the looks and the attitude of a real domme: Louboutin stilettos, stockings, thong and a black bra that leaves little to the imagination… the sight will make you wish you were in Ambra’s shoes.

Too horny, and looking for domination

Welcome to a journey to the boundary between fighting, sex and domination! Scissors, schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, facesitting all with caressing and kissing, bodies rubbed against each other… more than Ambra’s submission, Andrea seeks physical domination, lust and excitement for her hedonistic pleasure.

Ambra can’t resist…

After some time, having Andrea’s hands running across her skin all the time and her body pressed into hers, Ambra begins to lower her defences and follow Andrea’s game. Now she takes her revenge with moans of excitement by both… the heat increases, and after the sexiest scenes the “fight” ends with Andrea kissing Ambra’s body for your enjoyment.No one knows what happened afterwards… Isn’t this the video you have dreamed of for so long?

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