FF115 Fulvio vs Pamela – Big guy punished with tight balls grabs, scary squeezes and violent twisting!

Duration: 24 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: muscle comparison, inverted bearhug, arm bar, chokeholds, backbreaker, armlock, lifted bearhug, head scissors, camel clutch, balls squeeze, standing head scissors, reverse head scissors, victory pose

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Muscles comparison

Pamela, wearing a sexy, transparent top and a matching thong, is confident about her muscles being stronger than Fulvio’s, who laughs at her. She is brave enough to challenge him to a wrestling match, but Fulvio immediately lifts her in an inverted bearhug, having Pamela upside down and screaming! He puts her down and goes for an armbar, and then a chokehold. Poor Pamela, she stands no chance against her huge opponent and is forced to tap.

Balls squeeze and reversal!

Fulvio continues his domination: over-the-shoulder backbreaker, armlock, lifted bearhug, head scissors, camel clutch… and Pamela looks terrified by the upcoming onslaught. Less than 10 minutes and Fulvio is already striking a victory pose over a beaten Pamela!
The second round seems not too different: he plays with her like cat and mouse, completely in control, despite all her desperate attempts.
But, here comes the turning point: Pamela suddendly grabs his jewels, squeezes and twists them for quite a long time, rendering Fulvio immediately helpless in the most excruciating pain!

Fulvio’s intimate destruction

Now it’s Pamela having him in several holds, and each and every time Fulvio tries to fight back, she aims at his lower parts with her claws, and the torture begins once again! She presses her foot there, twists the whole thing with incredible violence, and regains control. This goes on for more than half the match, so you get countless lower parts attacks of all sorts, with plenty of closeups of Fulvio’s briefs’ thin fabric, almost ripped off by Pamela’s aggression!
You will be shocked by Pamela’s violence and you will suffer with Fulvio for what feels like an endless time!
He ends up choked out and humiliated, posed over by the blond fury.

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