FF116 Pamela vs Fulvio – Topless no holds barred mixed pro-style match!

Duration: 24 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: Arm lock, Armbar, Breast torture, Catfight, Camel clutch, Chokes, Domination, Face sitting, Femdom, Fetish, Flexing, Foot domination, Grappling, Head scissors, Humiliation, KO, Mixed, Nip slips, Neck scissors, Rear naked choke, Reverse face sitting, Scissors, Scratching, surfboard, Thongs, Topless, Upside down bearhug, Wedgie, stink face.

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Pro-style fight

Pamela: perfect, stunning and muscular, looks like a tough MMA fighter who would kill you in the cage. Her rival, Fluvio, wearing a threatening mask, makes you think of a monstrous fighting machine. You’ll see all kinds of dirty tactics in a no holds barred, pins and submission pro-style match, with counted pins and the bell.
After some muscle comparison and a heated staredown the action starts.

Balls squeezing and tits grabs!

Both are doing everything to annihilate and humiliate their rival: upside down bear hugs, headlocks, camel clutches, armlocks, head scissors, rear naked chokes, boston crabs, full nelsons, back breakers.
Fluvio is a tough nut to crack. At some point he exposes Pamela’s boobs by stripping her top off, and uses it as a weapon to choke her. He will even grab the blonde’s naked boobs aggressively and wildly wedgie her!
Pamela often resorts to balls squeezing to somehow limit the action of her monstrously strong rival, but also face sitting and face slapping with her boobs!

Final humiliation

This is a very close fight, where both contenders are using the dirtiest techniques to wear the other down.
Finally Pamela manages to gain dominance thanks to her great skills, destroys Fluvio and punishes him with breast smothers, foot to face and an incredible stinkface!
It ends with a prolonged victory pose, where an euphoric and wild Pamela walks away with a black trophy and the dignity of a man after the final face-riding humiliation!

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