FF122 Chiara vs Marzia – Erotic body pin wrestling in tiny thongs…

Duration: 23 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 2599 (2160p)
: Body pin, Body Press, Full body pin, Grapevine pin, Pins, Belly to belly, Kissing, Thongs

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Graceful beauty

Marzia and Chiara present themselves in all their perfection and magnificence, wearing revealing black thongs which sexily wrap up their round and firm butts.
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Intertwined bodies

The girls quickly clash in a fight in which they seek total domination. Chiara cannot hide her desire to touch Marzia’s soft skin, caress her, and have her at her mercy.
You will see how the bodies intertwine and rub into each other to achieve a dominant position over the opponent and obtain the sexiest pin.
Belly to belly and breast to breast action, thigh scissors, body press pins, caresses and chokes, little kisses and most of all their excited moans and short breath while they’re trying to subdue each other in the sexiest competition ever.

Fun at the loser’s expense

The “fight” is very close, and achieving the finishing pin seems impossible… the moans grow louder, and the effort is as obvious as the excitement.
Who will win? Finally, one of them secures an inescapable grapevine pin and slowly, sexily counts to 10, dominating her victim in the hottest way you’ll ever see.
For sure the winner is going to have her way with her defeated opponent…

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