FF127 Andrea vs Marzia – Is this the end of the Goddess of Wrestling?

Duration: 21 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: Ankle lock, Back breaker, Beating, Belly punching, Boston crab, Camel clutch, Catfight, Crying, Domination, Humiliation, Knees, Over the knee back breaker, Punching, Slapping, Staredown, Stomping, Thongs, Violence

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Is Andrea overpowered?

Yes, the way you see it, the fabulous and seraphic Marzia in her sexy, small purple bikini is beating up the goddess of wrestling Andrea. After a short warm-up and without saying a word, a strong slap from Marzia takes Andrea by surprise, and in a few seconds, she is the victim of all kinds of back breakers, brutal surfboards, camel clutches, ankle locks, belly punching and hard stomps while she’s lying helpless on the mats.
This is the sick and cruel punishment Andrea is taking, suffering a lot, and her cries of pain confirm it.

Fatal distraction

Nevertheless, Marzia is going to learn the hard way that any distraction, such as answering the phone in the middle of a fight, is fatal and that an expert fighter like Andrea should not be given a chance to recover.
Andrea’s comeback is incredible and merciless. She is torturing Marzia in the most brutal and harsh way ever seen. You are watching how Marzia’s sexy body is impacted by tremendous and violent sequences of punches. The blond beauty is bent into unnatural postions because of boston crabs, back breakers, camel clutches, surfboards, ankle locks… Andrea is finally enjoying this “training” with her wrestling dummy, Marzia.

Don’t mess with Andrea

Marzia can’t do anything, her opponent is simply too much and having fun with every slap and punch. Andrea doesn’t stop, she doesn’t get distracted, the final minutes are agonizing and a symphony of punches and knee blows take their toll on the little victim. The end could not be other than Andrea posing on her beaten and humiliated opponent.
Lesson learned: don’t mess with the goddess of wrestling.

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