FF128 Chiara vs Marzia vs Emma – Three captivating knife fights to the death

Duration: 20 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: 2vs1, Domination, Fake knives, Knife, KO, schoolgirl pin, Scissors, Thongs, stabbing

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2 vs 1? No problem for Emma

Chiara, Marzia and Emma, bodies to die for and an extra dose of killer instinct. You’re gonna witness a sexy knife fight to the death. Without further ado, they take off their clothes and battle on!
Emma is facing, like a lioness, the two opponents who attack her mercilessly. Despite being outnumbered, she finishes off for good both Marzia and Chiara, who are terrified moments before their destiny is fulfilled.

The last woman standing

Now it will be Marzia and Chiara facing each other. This is a battle to the death where both hotties don’t skimp on stabbing their opponent. In addition to their skills with the knife, the girls use various wrestling moves to subdue their rival: you’ll see scissors, schoolgirl pins, and everything else to immobilize and eliminate the victim.
Chiara gets rid of Marzia and then goes for Emma, who can’t do much, and is quickly eliminated by her victimizer.
Chiara is the last woman standing!

Who will survive?

The final battle is Emma against the world. Chiara and Marzia’s team will do everything possible to kill the hottie! Like earlier, Emma has a big heart and she fights till the end but is outmatched by the merciless couple who stabs her in the tits, belly, legs and neck.
No part of Emma’s body is safe from the cold steel that penetrates her flesh and painfully ends her life.

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