FF130 Alice vs Adele – Topless wrestling training turns into a horny affair!

Duration: 25 min
: Euro 27,99 (720p) – Euro 31,99 (1080p) – Euro 33,99 (2160p)
: Arm lock, Bearhug, Body pin, Body Press, Body scissors, Breast smother, Camel clutch, Catfight, Chokes, Cross body pin, Double body scissors, Face squishing, Fetish, Full body pin, Grapevine pin, Hair pulling, Hand over mouth, Hand smother, Humiliation, Leg spread, Rear naked choke, School girl pin, Scissors, Stripping, Topless

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Topless action

The moment they both get topless you realize that buying this video was a great idea.
Adele is teaching Alice some wrestling moves. After a little warming, the girls start their “training”, but Adele wants to make it more interesting and – without much resistance – she strips Alice topless! She then removes her own bra with a sexy smile…

A very good teacher

Despite being a training session, this fight is very intense and hot. Alice’s moans will blow your mind. It is topless nonstop action and Adele is having the best part since she dishes tremendous punishment out to Alice. You will see scissors, bare breast smothers, chicken wings, bearhugs, grapevine pins, armlocks… how beautiful and sexy Alice’s breasts are when being exposed in a camel clutch or in a reverse bearhug!
Is this not enough? To your delight, the torture is accompanied by schoolgirl pins, mouth squishing, hand smothers and so on.
Alice has short moments in which she strikes back at her rival with chokes, sleepers, and head scissors, but Adele is a master and quickly subdues her in another sexy and humiliating hold.

This training is a turn-on

Alice is caught in a brutal sleeper hold that makes her pass out. This fight is slowly turning into a scene where pleasure is king. The teacher Adele becomes a dominatrix over an overpowered, horny Alice.  
You will see the hottest moans, caresses, kisses, and quite a few spicy holds. It will be a joy for your eyes to see how their almost naked bodies get closer and closer…
Let the video preview and the pics do the rest for you.

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