FF133 Michela vs Emma – A sexy foot smother match that looks real and competitive!

Duration: 25 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: Body Press, Breast smother, Chokes, Domination, Feet, Feet on face, Fetish, Foot choke, Foot domination, Foot fetish, Foot smother, Hand over mouth, Facesitting, Hand smother, Humiliation, Lotus hold, Smother, arm bar

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Smother match!

Michela faces Emma in a smother match in which the goal is to deprive the opponent of her air until she gives up, in every imaginable way. Both fighters look splendid wearing hot bikinis, perfect for the occasion: the warm-up and preparation give you the time to admire their bodies.

Foot fetish galore

However, this is not a typical smother match, because, in addition to the hand smothers, chokes, breast smothers, and variations of lotus hold, Michela and Emma are very creative and immediately start using their feet on each other.
The goal is to suffocate the opponent in the sexiest and most humiliating way. This battle is intense, on the mats and standing, both desperately seek to achieve a submission and each wrestler is forced to take the other’s feet on her face and mouth several times during the match.

Amazing ending

Despite trying very hard, the score remains even until the final 6 minutes of this epic battle… Michela and Emma increase the intensity, and the last minute is incredible!
The final submission is nothing short of brutal and is completed with a foot-based, humiliating victory pose, in which the winner thoroughly enjoys the unconditional surrender of the loser and celebrates her domination.

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