FF137 Michela vs Ambra – Final act: broken nose and ruined reputation

Duration: 42 min
: Euro 24,99 (720p) – Euro 27,99 (1080p) – Euro 29,99 (2160p)
: crying, bitting, catfight, hair pulling, Trash talking, Face squishing, grapevine pin, humiliation, full body pin, breast torture, nipple torture, thongs, over a man, KO, smothering, hand smother.

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That lucky bastard!

Michela and Ambra have given us perhaps the best battle saga ever! Savagery, sensuality, great bodies and amazing challenges. Definitely, Steve is a lucky bastard. But this must end, and only one of them will own this man and have all the fans at her feet.

Weird but hard challenges

The two sexy fighters will face off in three hard challenges: breaking their opponent’s nose with their own, the brutal and merciless “evil lace”, and the ultimate catfight. You will witness the same sensuality and determination that Ambra and Michela have had throughout their battles. They always fight all or nothing. More than once their noses are about to break, and the “evil lace” is a symphony of biting and scratching in close body-to-body contact.

She lost everything

But it wouldn’t be an Ambra and Michela feud without the classic catfight with no time limit. The two seek to hurt their opponent so badly and, of course, give her the greatest humiliation. Aggressive hairpulling, bites, scratches, painful body splashes on the rival’s tits, and also smothers, thigh scissors, leg spreads, tits torture and more.
Finally, one of the girls manages to break her opponent’s nose and capitalizes on the final knockout. The picture is nothing short of horrible: the winner allows herself to spit on the loser, who’s a bloody mess, humiliated and left without Steve, without her fans and with a destroyed reputation.


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