FF138 Sabrina vs Marzia – Instagram star in skimpy underwear bullies her personal trainer… 

Duration: 24 min
: Euro 20,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)
: Catfight, Ankle lock, lifted bearhug, Belly punching, Back breaker, Catfight, Camel clutch, Chokes, Domination, Figure four, Fetish, hair pulling, Trash talking, humiliation, thongs, KO, humiliation, nip slips, wardrobe malfunctions

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Campy star…

like a campy star with all the glow, the bitchiness, a huge ego… and a tiny thong. Of course, she doesn’t take coach Sabrina’s pieces of advice seriously, to the point of humiliation and disrespect.
This causes a fight that, to everyone’s surprise, the thin-framed and apparently fragile star in her inadequate sexy lingerie, easily dominates. She even showcases very good techniques: chokes, scissors, and ankle locks!

Excuses? Excuse this!

Marzia, gloating in her arrogance, wants to totally humiliate her coach making her kneel to her. However, this is far from over, because Sabrina is obviously pissed off and determined to put her back to where she belongs. And you are now watching a real beating: gruesome scissors, brutal chokes, camel clutches, back breakers, bearhugs… pure class.
The swell-headed starlet is totally turned off!

Worse than defeat

Marzia tapped out? Never mind, Sabrina doesn’t care, and she’s going to teach her a huge lesson, in fact a bearhuge lesson: the coach tortures the falling star with powerful lifted bearhugs making her suffer a lot. You will see Marzia’s sexy body subjected to even more backbreakers, camel clutches and boston crabs… But the worst is yet to come when Marzia is defeated, humiliated, lifted and carried around, posed on.
Unblurred nip slips.

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